Ing. Daniel Pavliňák, MSc

„We need to face the chaos of relationships, not run away from it.“

Based on my education, I am first a diplomat and then an alumnus of an international trade at the University of Economics in Prague and then from the French Lyon. An artist in his soul and perhaps an adventurer in his heart. By nature, I am a chaotic person who loves order very much.

We need to face the chaos of relationships, not run away from it. A real relationship, which is chaotic by a principle, cannot be replaced by a system – whether a social or religious one. I love the unbridledness of genuine and honest relationships and mostly of a relationship with God. He doesn’t let to be restrained by our boxes, He does what He wants to and He does it amazing. His love represents security and it has changed my life.

I like reading the Bible with my friends and I like spending time discussing its content. Its understanding of both human and God’s hearts keep fascinating me more and more. It’s also an authority for my personal life and in what I want to pass on to others.

P.S. When I am visiting someone, I almost always leave something there. Some consider it to be a certain kind of art. Others, when I am about to leave, automatically start going around the apartment and start bringing me my ‘almost left behind’ stuff to the entrance hall. It humbles me and sometime complicates my life quite a bit. At other times it’s a great excuse to see someone again in a short time.

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