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Welcome to In-Life

We are a group of young people, mostly students and sometime shortly ‘after’. We like life, fun, honesty, freedom, truth, and functioning relationships. We want to live all of this to the max! We believe that every person has within themselves significant and unique potential. The point is to discover and develop it. Therefore, we create many opportunities where we can mutually refine and impel each other as we go through life. Many of us found a personal relationship with God during our university studies and therefore our activities are based on Christian values which form the basis of our society. I want to know more ...

Up-coming Events

In your city! At your university!

Throughout the semester, there is some kind of student event happening every week. This here is just a brief overview. You can find more events on the FB profile of a given city. So check it out, share the events and we look forward to meeting you!


Regular events for the students in Brno (evening lectures, English conversations, sport events, ... ).


Regular events for the students in Bratislava (English conversations, Discovery Bible, ... ).


Regular events for the students in Hradec Králové (seminars, creative workshops, Discovery Bible ...).


Regular events for the students in Prague (evening lectures, board games, ...).

In case you would like to listen to some seminar again, look through our archive. (Most of the lectures are in Czech, few in English with a Czech translation).

Favorite seminars

#Emoční inteligence
Jak porozumět svým emocím?
#Jak zvládnout stres
Dá se s ním něco dělat?
#Hněv a odpuštění
Zvládání hněvu a pěstování odpuštění
#3 druhy lásky
Podstata a podoby lásky.
#Proč Bůh dopouští zlo?
Kde je Bůh, když se dějí tragédie? Proč nezasáhne?

In-Life blog

Are you looking for an inspiration for your studies, learning, personal development or you relationship with God? Check out our blog. (The articles are only in Czech).

#3 tipy jak se učit

26.září 2019
Je před vámi kupa úkolů ze školy? Nebo komplikované téma na seminárku? Ještě se neděste a vyzkoušejte tipy, jak se s těmito obry vypořádat ... Číst


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