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Welcome to In-Life

We are a group of young people, mostly students and sometime shortly ‘after’. We like life, fun, honesty, freedom, truth, and functioning relationships. We want to live all of this to the max! We believe that every person has within themselves significant and unique potential. The point is to discover and develop it. Therefore, we create many opportunities where we can mutually refine and impel each other as we go through life.

Many of us found a personal relationship with God during our university studies and therefore our activities are based on Christian values which form the basis of our society. I want to know more ...

Up-coming Events

In your city! At your university!

Due to the pandemic situation everything is online at the moment. Each week at this site you can find an offer of events where you can meet other students from your city.


20MINUTES are short inspiring online seminars. 20MINUTES of inspiring thoughts about life with a follow-up discussion on zoom. 20MINUTES of stopping, looking around and maybe making decisions for your next season.


#Na lásce záleží!

record_voice_over videocam

Dynamic. For free and custom-made for university students. Every other week of the semester.

Tak ako tedaPodcast

Student space for a reasonable discussion about all kinds of things possible and (seemingly) impossible. Listen on Spotify.


Are you looking for an inspiration for your studies, learning, personal development or you relationship with God? Check out our blog. (The articles are only in Czech).

#Číst Bibli ve 21. století?

17.února 2021
Možná jsi už toho o Bibli slyšel mnoho, ale neměl jsi příležitost ji víc prozkoumat. A možná v Boha (už) ani nevěříš. Pokud ale ... Číst


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